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Tips for Selling & Buying 3D Models

In this site i'll provide links to the best selling & buying websites on net.

Most popular 3D Modeling, Animation, and Rendering Softwares: 3dsmax, maya, lightwave, rhino, poser, bodypaint, cinema 4D

For buyers:

While working on a projects or games sometimes you will need an object, item, character and etc, and to rent the services of a 3D modeller could be expensive, so this links i'll provide can make your life easier, let you choose exacly what you need from few diffrent options, of quality and price. save you time and money. 

For sellers:

Here you will find many websites to sell your products, 3d models, plugins, texture and etc. Sign to many sites as you can, its only make it possible for you to earn more. Those site keep some percentage from the sells to them self, but its obvious, they need to earn something as well. 

About me:

I'm just like you, want to earn / save money. in those sites there's affiliate programs that allow you to earn extra money from the sells of the people you invite, the percentage will get from the share of the website owner and not from us.

Finaly i will recommand on few other sites that you as buyers can ask for projects that want be done for you while you put the price you would like to pay and can choose with whom to work with, therefore the sellers.

In those freelancer sites, you will find many jobs and projects opportunities to bid on, and not only in the graphic section, in anything as: Websites, IT & Software, Mobile Phones & Computing, Writing & Content, sign, Media & Architecture, Data Entry & Admin, Engineering & Science, Product Sourcing & Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, and more.


 3D Shops: Online Models Stores

1. TurboSquid, one of the best 3d shops on the net.

Sellers, you start from 50% royalty and can reach up to 80%.

On this site people mostly sell and buy 3dsmax

(3d studio max) models, maya and cinema 4D.

SignUp Now For the BEST 3D models site: TurboSquid

Link: TurboSquid Website




2. FREELANCER is today one of the top online freelance marketplaces

in the world. you can offer your services or you can request for

freelancers in many subjects. there's a MARKET section on the site, that

allow you to sell or buy stuff like: flash, music, sounds, psd templated,

3d models, video, printing, graphics, backgrounds, html templates,

vectors, php, icons, wordpress and javascript.


Freelance Jobs Freelance Jobs

3. The 3D Studio, In this site among with the opportunity to sell 3D models you can

also sell Stock Photos and Textures.

Sellers, you will get 60% of the amount of each sale.

Sell and Buy 3D models: The 3D Studio

Link: The 3D Studio

4. 3D02, In this site among with selling & buying 3d models there's FREELANCE section.

Sellers, you will get 55% of the amount of each sale.

Buyers, i have Incentive Discount Rate of 10% use it, the code is: ALN01


Link: 3d02

5. DAZ 3D, In this site you can buy and sell 3d models, and there's 3d softwares for sell.

Sellers, you will get 50 to 65 percent of the amount of each sale.

 Link: please click on the banner to get in.

 6. 3D Export.

sellers, you can get 60 to 70 percent of the amount of each sale.

Download my 3D models at 3DExport

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